Amgen Tour of California rolled through Big Bear Lake two weeks ago. We went to the events and then watched the finish of the race. I had no idea being a procycling fan could be so exciting.

The event was a large untertaking for our community and required a year of planning and preparation.

“The Big Bear Climb” consisted of 133 miles of riding. The start was originally planned from Pasadena into the San Gabriel Mountains, then across HWY 15 into the San Bernardino Mountains. A harsh winter blew out HWY 2 so the race start was moved to Palmdale. The San Gabriels were approached from the north side instead. Stage 6, the Queen Stage included 12,000 climbing feet.

The weather on race day was a mild 63 degrees. Our skies were as blue as they could be! Peter Sagan took the race stage and Michael Rogers was the overall winner of the Amgen Tour of California.

George Hinacpie describing “The Big Bear Climb”

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